Life Skills

Our life skills program introduces students to pre-vocational and essential skills.

Independence and personal growth are key components in our lessons.

A purpose-driven curriculum provides a foundation in social emotional learning. Self-care and nutritional skills are emphasized for healthier living.

Community and financial management are vital in building self-awareness. All of these factors and practice contribute to one’s life skills development.

These and other skills which people use daily are vital to promoting well-being in students.

Lifetime Music & Movement

We use music to create an environment the youth can relate to and feel comfortable in.

Integrating musical components into lessons makes learning more memorable, more engaging and less intimidating.

Repetition in lyrics is extremely useful for developing mental fitness in any academic subject and younger children are very responsive to educational melodies.

Building an education on principles of rythm has subconcious benefits as well.

Arithmetic, mathematics, vocabulary and subjective information are developed when musical repertoires expand.

Reducing learning times, improving participation, providing creative outlets and allowing processes to sink in through repetition are easily some of the most common and useful tactics practiced by educational leaders.

We use movement strategies to implement our core values; self awareness, conflict resolution, team building and
lifetime fitness.

Research shows that encouraging free movement can give children space to develop self-awareness, learn non-verbal ways of communicating and to get to know themselves and their body.

Children learn their range of motion, balance, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance. Strong evidence supports the connection between movement and learning. Evidence from imaging sources, anatomical studies, and clinical data shows that moderate exercise enhances cognitive processing. It also increases the number of brain cells.

The role of active play has been established not just as a part of learning, but as the basis of healthy social and emotional development. In America where learning has become a lot more passive, some child education centers are seeking ways to bring physical movement to the classroom in different ways – whether it’s dance, yoga, or free play.

Schools and early childhood centers that have integrated more movement into the children’s day have seen noticeable gains in their student’s attention spans.

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Social Emotional Leadership S.E.L

Is designed to prepare young people for the real world. It gives them the skills they need to reach their goals and live up to their full potential – at school, in their relationships, and future careers. They will acquire and effectively apply the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Business 101

Our course will help the youth understand first that every individual is a business in their own private enterprise regardless the industry. This program will enable youth to gain a better understanding of what the business arena is all about, how a business operates and which business functions are needed in any business enterprise.


The purpose of this course is to learn and practice basic business management skills. Students will learn  money management, customer service, how to compose a business plan, teamwork, and leadership skills. This program is designed to nurture students in business decorum, etiquette, and integrity. Students will have to assume roles in different management positions. They will have to give updated reports, like annual budget and expense reports.

Business Essentials

This program is designed to give the youth a more hands-on experience in their desired career choice allowing students to develop and apply the skills to pay the bills. They will be able to participate in mentorships, career shadowing, internships, as well as other resources.
The business essentials program will also assist students in developing technological proficiencies demanded by business.

We utilize various forms of input technologies to cover units of instruction that include word processing applications, spreadsheet
development, database management, presentations, electronic communications, Internet services, business laws, interactive
media, ethical issues, and careers in businesses using technology applications.

Homework Assistance

Our Homework Assistance Program helps students complete take home assignments/projects, prepare for tests, and fix errors on returned assignments. We provide a well-balanced environment​​​ where children can perfect the skills they learn in school and be introduced to new ones. We sit down with each student and customize an achievable plan to reach their desired academic goals.


The 2020 Vision Youth Bullying Program adopts a holistic approach by focusing on core personal development aspects. Our four areas of focus aim to cultivate awareness on bullying, self-awareness, problem solving, and team building.