“The 2020 Vision Youth program focuses on more then just fitness. They help build complete individuals” – SBCUSD Board Member

“ I have noticed the students in the 2020 Vision Youth program have been more consistent in daily attendance” – 20 Year Teacher

“ The activities and information provided by 2020 Vision Youth is well needed for the youth it really helps them with self awareness, team work, and keeping the students active” – Middle School Teacher

“My daughter has a complete 360 turn in her life since joining 2020 Vision Youth, she has better grades, attendance, and more direction in life!” – 8th Grade Parent

“This program has gotten chronically absent and students that haven’t turned in any work all trimester to show up and turn work in” -Middle School CTE Instructor 

“My staff have expressed to me how valuable this program is to our campus’s let alone any campus looking to prepare there students for the real world.” – Charter School CEO

“This program has given the foster youth in our house direction and skills needed to survive the real world” – Foster House Head

“We need more programs like this in our homes, community’s, and churches” – Local Pastor 

“Parents have contacted me bragging about the goals there children are setting in the 2020 Vision youth program” – Head Middle of Schools 

“It is really hard parenting a teen but My son has really matured in life, not only setting goals but he is achieving them. The activities done at 2020 are gearing him to have a great life” – SBCUSD Vice Principal