Our Programs


This type pairs one mentor with one mentee. It allows for the two to develop a personal relationship in which the mentor is able to provide individual guidance and support to the mentee. 

It focuses on aggressive outreach to reconnect students on their academic journey. We employ several outreach strategies to assist students to succeed in their academics and in life. Mentors outreach and build rapport with students to earn their trust and ensure their academic progress. With declining enrollment nationally and with distance learning models becoming more prevalent, we believe RES’Q is an essential program that would assist districts to provide quality education and services to their students and families.

Benefits of program: increases graduation rates and decreases dropout. It increases attendance and decreases absenteeism and truancy. RES’Q increases ADA, student productivity, and supports distance learning models. RES’Q provides academic mentoring and connective and navigation services.


It focuses on gathering a group of mentees who share particular passions or skills in an area such as sports or gardening. There is an exchange of ideas and a deepening of understanding and skill around these topics.

Connect is a socio-emotional and mentoring program that exists to transform the lives of urban youth. Overall, we provide youth with a positive, safe space on and off campus to come, connect, lead and grow. This is accomplished through weekly events, small group clusters, 6-week individualized one-on-one mentoring, and meaningful activities on school sites.

Benefits of the program:

  • Building healthy Long term and personal relationships
  • Positive atmosphere both on and off campus
  • 1 on 1 mentoring
  • Life guidance support
  • Consistency
  • Develop social skills
  • Character development
  • Opportunity in personal growth and leadership
  • Offers key life skills
  • A chance for new experiences
  • Intimate setting
  • Weekly activities


Our group mentoring occurs during our On-Point circles, connect nights, conferences, and assemblies. Although structured as a group, learning is individual and each mentee works on his or her own unique learning needs and development goals.

2020 utilizes restorative practices that develop character, leadership, and social-emotional skills to improve the students holistically. Through quality mentorship and a creative curriculum, We provide a safe/brave space for meaningful conversations, facilitated in groups, one-on-ones, and in-class support. Sessions include, but are not limited to: engaging discussions, quick activities, journaling, and wellness check-ins. 


* Positively improves student behavior
* Decreases student suspension, absenteeism, and truancy
* Mentoring/Guidance
* Social-Emotional Support
* Self-Discovery
* Create Measurable Goals
* Positive Decision Making
* Leadership Development
* Character/Confidence Building
* Improves Academic Engagement
* Campus Climate and Culture

Life Skills

Our life skills program introduces students to pre-vocational and essential skills. Independence and personal growth are key components in our lessons. A purpose-driven curriculum provides a foundation in social emotional learning. Self-care and nutritional skills are emphasized for healthier living. Community and financial management are vital in building self-awareness. All of these factors and practice contribute to one’s life skills development. These and other skills which people use daily are vital to promoting well-being in students.


Designed to prepare young people for the real world, our S.E.L program gives students the skills they need to reach their goals and live up to their full potential – at school, in their relationships, and future careers. They will acquire and effectively apply the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.