Musical Arts

Using various instruments, 2020 Vision Youth instructors teach rhythm, melody and creative expression through a series of lessons catered to beginner and intermediate learners. Our team emphasizes Memory, pattern recognition, motor skills, reasoning and leadership skills. The nature of music education make these benefits and more available.

Visual Arts

The 2020 Vision Youth programs include visual arts to provide and nourish a love for creativity and principles of design. Using mediums such as pencils, markers, paint brushes, mixed media and others, a grasp of artistry and problem-solving are embedded into lessons students can take with them throughout life.

Enrichment Rally

2020 Vision provides life lessons, raise awareness for 2020 Visions upcoming events and programs while increasing overall student engagement and school spirit. We want to give students a fun and safe environment to participate in life lessons activities during school hours. By providing students with the opportunity to think outside the box while being active we strive to increase school participation, attendance, health and wellness, and overall school climate.

Fit for Life

2020 Vision Youth Life Fitness program will provide all student participants with access to their daily dose of physical fitness. Our program focuses on critical components of physical fitness including cardiovascular endurance (i.e., cardio), balance and coordination, movement, strength building, and flexibility while utilizing nontraditional methods to ensure all participants have equitable access to fun, but necessary physical activity.


The 2020 Vision Youth Bullying Program adopts a holistic approach by focusing on core personal development aspects. Our four areas of focus aim to cultivate awareness on bullying, self-awareness, problem solving, and team building.

Homework Assistance

Our Homework Assistance Program helps students complete take home assignments/projects, prepare for tests, and fix errors on returned assignments. We provide a well-balanced environment​​​ where children can perfect the skills they learn in school and be introduced to new ones. We sit down with each student and customize an achievable plan to reach their desired academic goals.