Enrichment Rally:

Mission: To provide life lessons, raise awareness for 2020 Visions upcoming events and programs while increasing overall student engagement and school
spirit. We want to give students a fun and safe environment to participate in life lessons activities during school hours. By providing students with the
opportunity to think outside the box while being active we strive to increase school participation, attendance, health and wellness, and overall school climate.

20/20 will provide: Live DJ & Sound, Activities, Snacks, Prizes, Mascot, and all Necessary Equipment

Date: TBD

Time: Lunch/ Scheduled Time

Description of services provided:
I. 2020 Vison Youth leaders will provide an interactive age-appropriate
activities rally.
II. Activities will consist of Simon says cone competition, Freestyle dance
competition, staff vs students head shoulders Knees and toes, and rock
paper scissor relays.

III. 2020 will also provide information to students about the upcoming free k-
12 kid’s camp. Hosted at Indian springs High School May 20th.


Life Skills: Objective, Outcome, Measurable, and Reflection
Objective: Understand the Concept of time management
Outcome: Students will be able to identify how to maximize their time
Measure: Students, staff, administrators, and 2020 staff will be able to
measure the level of comprehension during the Q&A, activities, and
Reflection: At the conclusion of the event, we give students and staff the
opportunity to reflect on the information and activities they experienced
during the rally.

  1. Introduction – 2020 will introduce ourselves, our mission, and why
    we are on campus. We will also tie in life lessons that students can
    walk away with and measure who’s learning with a Q & A for prizes.
  2. Reflection: At the conclusion of the event, we give students and staff
    the opportunity to reflect on the information and activities they
    experienced during the rally.
  3. Ice breakers/ Trivia Game- 2020 will have all students participate in
    an ice break. * All activities are customized and age appropriate
    (examples: empowered breathing, riddle me this, Telephone etc.)
  4. Activities- Once students are active and focused, we will open our
    competition zone where students will participate in our list of
    activities competing against their classmates and teachers. (Each
    competition will take place 1 game at a time being narrated by our
    host and mascot)
  5. Dance Competition- Our dance competition is for all students and
    staff; It will be narrated live and judged by the audience.
  6. Reflection: At the conclusion of the event, we give students and staff
    the opportunity to reflect on the information and activities they
    experienced during the rally.

Fit for Life

2020 Vision Youth Life Fitness program will provide all student participants with access to their daily dose of physical fitness. Our program focuses on critical components of physical fitness including cardiovascular endurance (i.e., cardio), balance and coordination, movement, strength building, and flexibility while utilizing nontraditional methods to ensure all participants have equitable access to fun, but necessary physical activity.

Business 101

Our course will help the youth understand first that every individual is a business in their own private enterprise regardless the industry. This program will enable youth to gain a better understanding of what the business arena is all about, how a business operates and which business functions are needed in any business enterprise.


The purpose of this course is to learn and practice basic business management skills. Students will learn  money management, customer service, how to compose a business plan, teamwork, and leadership skills. This program is designed to nurture students in business decorum, etiquette, and integrity. Students will have to assume roles in different management positions. They will have to give updated reports, like annual budget and expense reports.

Business Essentials

This program is designed to give the youth a more hands-on experience in their desired career choice allowing students to develop and apply the skills to pay the bills. They will be able to participate in mentorships, career shadowing, internships, as well as other resources.
The business essentials program will also assist students in developing technological proficiencies demanded by business.

We utilize various forms of input technologies to cover units of instruction that include word processing applications, spreadsheet
development, database management, presentations, electronic communications, Internet services, business laws, interactive
media, ethical issues, and careers in businesses using technology applications.

Homework Assistance

Our Homework Assistance Program helps students complete take home assignments/projects, prepare for tests, and fix errors on returned assignments. We provide a well-balanced environment​​​ where children can perfect the skills they learn in school and be introduced to new ones. We sit down with each student and customize an achievable plan to reach their desired academic goals.


The 2020 Vision Youth Bullying Program adopts a holistic approach by focusing on core personal development aspects. Our four areas of focus aim to cultivate awareness on bullying, self-awareness, problem solving, and team building.